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Unformatted text preview: deionized water. After adding the NaOH to the flask, thoroughly mix the solution by inverting the flask 10- 15 times. Keep the solution tightly covered. Preparation of the buret 1. Clean a 50- mL buret with soap solution and a burette brush. a. Rinse first with tap water, watching to see if water drains cleanly down the walls, leaving no droplets behind. b. Rinse with distilled water. c. Finally, add two separate ~5- mL samples of NaOH solution to the burette with the stop- cock closed; gently allow it to roll over all surfaces of the internal walls of the burette before letting it to drain out. 2. Mount the burette on a ring- stand using a buret clamp. 3. Fill the buret with the NaOH solution. Record the initial volume. Cover the top with parafilm until ready to use. Split into groups of 2. One pair of students will standardize the NaOH solution by following the procedure below. The other pair of students will titrate the phosphoric acid solution. Each pair of students should do two trials. Then, the groups will switch titrations (the group standardizing the NaOH wil...
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