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CHAPTER 13 CARBOXYLIC ACIDS, ESTERS, AMINES AND AMIDES Carboxylic acids: a carbonyl with a hydroxyl group. -CO 2 H, COOH. o Acidity: weak acids. o Neutralization reaction: -CO 2 H + NaOH à CO 2 - Na + (salt). Esters: alkyl group (R) replaces the acidic hydrogen in a carboxylic acid. -CO 2 R o Esterification: forming esters. CO 2 H + ROH à -CO 2 R + H 2 O o Hydrolysis of esters: reverse of esterification. Ester à CO 2 H + ROH Base hydrolysis results in an alcohol and the carboxylic acid salt. Acid hydrolysis results in an alcohol and the carboxylic acid. Amines: nitrogen attached to one or more alkyl groups.
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Unformatted text preview: o Classification: based on number of alkyl groups attached to nitrogen. Primary amine: one carbon atom bonded to nitrogen. Secondary amine: two carbon atoms bonded to nitrogen. Tertiary amine: three carbon atoms bonded to nitrogen. o Neutralization: acids react with amines to form amine salts R-NH 2 + Cl-• Amide: An amino group(–NH 2 ) replaces the –OH group of carboxylic acids. o Acid hydrolysis: produces a carboxylic acid and an ammonium salt. o Base hydrolysis: produces the salt of a carboxylic acid and an amine....
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