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Unformatted text preview: has a dessert prohibition for his dressing room: “Please no Carrot Cake—It’s Still Not Funny!” Perhaps the most famous demand of all time was the Van Halen 1982 concert rider insisting that the band’s backstage supply of M&Ms have “ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES.” The curiosity over the band’s candy discrimination was satisfied in 2012 when lead singer David Lee Roth said the ban was simply a way to tell if each concert promoter was actually reading the fine print in the The band Van Halen contract. If there were no brown M&Ms in the bowl, then the stage was likely requested no brown set up according to the rider’s specifications. M&Ms be included Even where a contract is not required to be in writing for Statute of Fraud backstage, possibly purposes, a contract may be put in writing. In fact, when considering the pur- to see if the concert poses behind the statute of frauds, it is advisable to reduce to writing—and promoter had read the fine print of the signatures—as many contracts as is practicable. contract. Sources:...
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