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Unformatted text preview: to evidence. Example 5. 23. Ashley has found a great apartment to rent, and is on the verge of signing a one-year lease when she notices a clause that says “No pets are permitted.” Ashley stops and tells the landlord that she can’t rent there after all, because she has a cat, Fluffy. The landlord tells her that he doesn’t mind if she brings her cat. Happy once more, Ashley signs the lease. She and Fluffy move in and pay their rent on time, but three months later the landlord serves Ashley with an eviction notice, because she is violating the lease by having a cat. Poor Ashley! Even if she had a dozen witnesses, the landlord’s statement could not come into court, and she would be stuck with the written lease that clearly says no pets. This is the parol evidence rule in action. The moral of the story is clear: Before you sign that written contract, make sure it has everything you need it to contain! There are some exceptions to the parol evidence rule, where extrinsic evidence may be allowed. These i...
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