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Unformatted text preview: voidable. One tricky thing about the statute of frauds is that with regard to each type of contract, there are exceptions. In other words, there may be situations where even though the contract was supposed to be in writing, the oral contract can still be enforced. But the exceptions are different for the different types of contracts! In the Media: “MAN SIZED KLEENEX” and Other Interesting Requests in Celebrity Performance Contracts Just because a contract isn’t covered by the statute of frauds doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be in writing, particularly when one party to the contract has many performance obligations. Consider a music group’s contract with the venue where it will be performing. Often called a “backstage rider,” this contract includes the personal and often idiosyncratic desires of the group for wherever it is to perform. The greatest band in history, The Beatles, had simple tastes. Their backstage accommodations included “four cots, mirrors, an ice cooler, portable TV set and clean towels.” And they asked for two limousines, which meant they shared rides. But tim...
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