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Unformatted text preview: © Faith A. Morrison, Michigan Tech U. CM3215 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Laboratory Discuss now System Curve Assignment (week 9; due Wed after break) How do you choose a centrifugal pump for a given duty? • Calculate the flow-rate-dependent demands of a system = system head curve (this assignment) •Compare the system-head curve (demands) to the available pumping-head curve (supply), and choose the right pump Pumping Head Lab (week 10) •Pumping Head Characteristic Curves are plots of what an existing pump can do under various loads (duties) •We measure the pump characteristic curve by determining Δ on the suction/discharge system 4 © Faith A. Morrison, Michigan Tech U. 2 Pumping System Head CM3215 FAM 3Mar2014 TOTAL HEAD (ft) Krum Pump Company Kalamazoo, MI Model: Peerless pump Type: PE50B Performance Curve No: 4848278 RPM: 3450 US GALLONS PER MINUTE 5 © Faith A. Morrison, Michigan Tech U. System Head - MEB written on total system, excluding pump DEMAND F W P v 2 z friction s ,on g 2 g g mg SUPPLY DEMAND F friction P v 2 z H system g 2 g g 2 For example (this is NOT our system): 1 The pump is omitted from system calculations tank 8 ft pump ID=3.0 in ID...
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