Wood volume is equal to the volume of the water

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Unformatted text preview: cale. Weigh a container of water, completely submerge wood sample, weigh again. Wood volume is equal to the volume of the water displaced (whose weight is equal to the change in weight of the container/water/block). Wood block can be coated before submersion to eliminate water absorption by block. Commonly, it is assumed no water absorption. 2. Oven-dry weight of sample can then be measured by placing the sample in an oven, then weighing 2. Cell Wall Density and Porosity of Wood Density (OD) of the cell wall is about the same for all wood species, = 1.5 g/cm3 or SGOD = 1.5 This means if a wood sample has a SGOD of 0.75, about half of the wood volume is air space. A wood sample with a SGOD of 0.75 is equivalent to a SGBasic of 0.62 or SGAD of 0.66...
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