Integration lecture 9 andrei sirenko njit 17 lecture

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 9 Andrei Sirenko, NJIT 18 Power Average Power Units: Units: Watts Instantaneous Power Sample Problem 7-10: Two constant forces F1 and F2 7acting on box as the box slides rightward across acting on a box as the box slides rightward across a frictionless frictionless floor. Force F1 is horizontal, with 60º magnitude 2.0 N, force F2 is angled upward by 60º 2.0 to the floor and has a magnitude of 4.0 N. The speed 4.0 v of the box at a certain instant is 3.0 m/s. 3.0 a) P= Lecture 9 ½*50kg*(5m/s)2/1 Andrei Sir...
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