By a spring force f x lecture 9 andrei sirenko njit

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Unformatted text preview: rei Sirenko, NJIT 15 Lecture 9 Andrei Sirenko, NJIT 16 Sample Problem 7-8 Work Done by a General Variable Force A block of mass m = 0.40 kg slides across a horizontal 0.40 frictionless frictionless counter with a speed of v = 0.50 m/s. It runs 0.50 into and compresses a spring of spring constant k = 750 N/m. When the block is momentarily stopped by 750 N/ Wh th bl the spring, by what distance d is the spring compressed? Work: variable force variable force Calculus Divide area under curve Add increments of W (numerically) Analytical form? Integration!!! Lecture 9 Andrei Sirenko, NJIT 17...
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