8 ms at height y0 85 m above the floor it then slides

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Unformatted text preview: ht and comes to a momentary stop comes when it reaches a height y = 11.1 m from the floor. The ramp is not frictionless The ramp is not frictionless. What is the increase ∆Eth in the thermal energy of the beagle and the ramp because Andrei Sirenko, NJIT the sliding? 33 of Two industrial spies sliding an initially stationary 225 kg floor safe a displacement 225 d of magnitude 8.50 m, straight toward their truck. The push F1 of spy 001 is 8.50 12.0 12.0 N, directed at an angle of 30º downward from the horizontal; the pull F2 of 30º spy 002 is 10.0 N, directed at 40º above the horizontal. The magnitudes and 002 10 di 40 Th directions directions of these forces do not change as the safe moves, and the floor and safe make frictionless contact. a) What is the net work done on the safe by the forces F1 and F2 during the displacement d ? b) During the displacement, what is the work Wg ) done on the safe by the gravitational force Fg and what is the work done on the safe by the normal force N from the floor? from c) Lecture 9 The safe is initially stationary. What is its 8.50 speed vf at the end of the 8.50 m displacement? Andrei Sirenko, NJIT 34...
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