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Unformatted text preview: d OtlVC l Reasonable sized Class Problems EM-602 / QM-710 (NJ) Lecture 1 Page l-3 Commercial Software Problems Solved by TORA Turbo-Simplex (S500+) LPSS67 ($1500-63500) IBM I MPSX (SZSOO+) . MINOS ($5000) Linear and integer Programming Transportation Network Problems . PERT/CPM Histograms and Forecasting Queueing Problems inventory Problems l l l l l l l l l Linear Programming Models Typical OR Models l Deterministic Models - l_ln.~r Programming (gnphlcrl methods) - T,an,po”at,on an. Asslgnment l and slmplax l Models l - N.twortl Modal, l - Inventory Models l - NonlInear Optlmlzatlon l Graphical Method Simpkx Method Sensitivity Analysis of LP Soiutlons Primal/Dual Relationship Specialized Linear Models Stochastic Models Stochastic Models Network Optimization Models . introduction to Network Terminology Minimum Spanning Tree Problem Shortest Path Problem Maximal Flow Problem l l l l l l l l Review of Probability Concepts Markov Chains Stochastic Decision Processes Queueing Theory and Models Stochastic inventory Models EM-602 I QM-710 (NJ) Lecture 1” Page l-4 Example 2.1-i Example 2.1-1 (cont’d) A manufacturer of Exterior and interior Paints has a goal to maximize their gross income Paint Production uses 2 Raw Materials (called A and B) Amount of each Raw Material used in Making a ton of Exterior and interior Paint is different. - Extwtor Palm us” 1 ton of A and 2 tons o( B Some additional conditions are: The...
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