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Qm 710 nj lecture 1 page l 2 infeasible solution l l

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Unformatted text preview: Page l-2 Infeasible Solution l l Optimal Solution A set of inputs (decision variables) in which one or more of the problem constraints is violated. Infeasible solutions, though easy to find, are worthless. l l l l Solving Complex OR Models Complexity of OR Models l l The number of iterations needed to solve an OR problem depends on the complexity of the particular model. A problem may be so complex that no mathematical algorithms exist to solve it in a reasonable amount of time. l l l l Operations Research Software l l l l l l A feasibie solution which best achieves the management objectlve criterion. An optimal solution may not exist in many probiems. No other feasible solution can be found which will improve upon an optimal solution. An optimal solution is usually sougM using an iterative process. New mathematical algorithms may be developed. The probiem may be simplified to facilitate solution wtth existing algorithms. Simuiation can often be used when OR models are unsatisfactory. The tradeoff between cost of accurate soiution and reduced beneftt of simplified model should be considered. TORA Software Package Shareware Programs General Purpose Commercial Software Specitic Problem Soiving Sofhvare Custom Software Spreadsheet Optimization TORA Software Package included in Textbook l l l Inexpensive User Friendly (somewhat) Operates on wide variety of hardware conftgurations - IBM WXTIAT Compatible or Hlghw with 512K RAM - Ms.Oos 3.2 or Lat., - b,,‘” Floppy Disk Drive and Har...
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