Lecture 3

initialization arraytype x 1 3 4 if you don

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Unformatted text preview: ion and Assignment • Array assignment is illegal!!!!!! • Initialization: arrayType X = {1, 3, 4}; • If you don’ initialize all values, the rest are t set to 0. • Arrays in function headers may have open sizes . • Arrays are never passed by value. 7 CONST Array Parameters int compute_somethg(const int vals, int N); N stores the valid size which the function might want to know. CONST avoids sideeffects in the array. We need this as arrays are not passed by value. 8 Two-Dimensional Arrays Arrays of Arrays • int matrix [num_of_rows][num_of_cols]; • matrix [0][0], ... matrix[0][1], matrix[0][2], matrix [1][0],.... • Initialization is possible as before. Values are assigned in the above order, that is “row-wise.” • typedef int column[10];// def column • typedef column columns[20]; //columns • columns my_numbers; • my_...
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