Lecture 3

0 structures struct person mystring name int age

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Unformatted text preview: write(S1, N) write N characters only. • getline(S, count) reads in count-1 characters, even if whitespace is contained. Then a ‘ is appended. \0’ Structures struct person { my_string Name; int Age; float GPA; }; 13 Initialization and Assignment • person jamie = {“Jamie Fay”, 19, 3.1}; • Structures may be copied by “=“. • Structures may be passed by value. • Structures may be returned from functions. • Structures may be nested. • Arrays of Structures may be built. 15 More Examples typedef person many_people [large_const]; // def many_people many_people cis114; //cis114 is an array of // large_constant people cis114[3].Age // a member of the 4th array // element 17 14 Structure Examples struct addr { int Number; my_string Street; }; struct person { addr address; // and more stuff of course }; 16 File Input/Output • If you know how to use fprintf...
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