Lecture 3

C does the necessary translations for you 18 example

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Unformatted text preview: and fscanf from C then I don’ mind if you use them. t • Files may be text files (files of chars) or binary files. • You still may read and write numbers from and to text files. C++ does the necessary translations for you. 18 Example: Character Input #include <fstream.h> ifstream my_file_var; my_file_var.open(“disk_name”); if (!my_file_var) process_error(); my_file_var >> char_variable; my_file_var.close(); 19 Character Output ofstream another_file_var(“data.dat”); another_file_var << Character; // or another_file_var.put(Character); Useful Functions for Input my_file_var.ignore(2) // skip 2 characters ch = my_file_var.peek(); // return but leave ch = my_file_var.get(); // variant of << syntax while (my_file_var.peek() != EOF) {...} while (my_file_var >> Char) // TRUE until // EOF 20 Numeric I/O from Text Files If the input is numeric, AND if we read into...
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