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Lecture 3

Note that the order is inversed relative to a two d

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Unformatted text preview: numbers[0] ... first column • my_numbers[0][1] ... second number in the first column. (Note that the order is inversed relative to a two-D array.) 9 Strings • A string is an array of characters. • Literal strings are written as “abcd” • The compiler adds a ‘ to the end of a \0’ literal string. Thus the array has to be by one larger than the largest text string. • Strings are are assigned with strcpy(target,source) from “string.h” 11 10 More on Strings • strcmp(S1, S2) returns 0 if two strings are the same. It returns a negative number if S1 is before S2, and a positive number otherwise. • strcat(S1, S2) appends S2 to the end of S1 and returns S1. In other words, it is sideeffecting. 12 String I/O • Strings can be read with cin >> if no white space is contained in them. • Strings can be written with cout << • cout....
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