Lecture 3

Nme iosbinary binary files permit more efficient

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Unformatted text preview: a variable of a numeric type, C++ will automatically “do the right thing.” E.g., if the input contains 234 and III is an integer variable my_file_var >> III // III will contain 234 21 Binary Files • ofstream my_3_file(“dsk.nme”, ios::binary); • Binary files permit more efficient storage of numeric and mixed data • Binary files permit more efficient reading and writing of numeric and mixed data • Binary files CANNOT be read by a human • Binary files CANNOT be edited normally 23 22 File Organization • All but the simplest programs are split into several files. • Header files (.h) contain all declarations needed for compiling OTHER Implementation files (.c). They are included. • Header files contain function Declarations but Constant Definitions and typedefs. 24 Avoiding Multiple Includes To avoid multiple inclusion of the same header file, it is a good idea to bracket it with the following lines: #ifndef some_name // header file text #define some_name #endif 25...
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