Lecture 4

15 void writebackwardchar s int size if size 0

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Unformatted text preview: g the array that is left backwards. If we come down to an array of size 0, we do nothing. 15 void writebackward(char S, int size) { if (size > 0) { cout << S[size-1]; writebackward(S, size-1); } } 17 16 Let’ trace through this with the following s example: Assume that ST contains the characters C A T. writebackward(ST, 3) is now called. Within writebackward( ) we have therefore: S CA T size 18 3 cout << S[3-1]; will send to the screen: T Then comes the recursive call to writebackward(S,2) Note that S is never changed in the process. 19 writebackward(S,1) will first do cout << S[1-1]; which will write to screen: C Then comes the recursive call to writebackward(S,0) writebackward(S,2) will first do cout << S[2-1]; which will write to screen: A Then comes the recursive call to writeba...
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