Lecture 8

The result of the deletion is that the element at

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Unformatted text preview: e list L. The position i must be smaller or equal than Length(L). The result of the deletion is that the element at position I+1 is moved into the hole left at the position i, etc. The C++ function call is: L.Delete(i); 6 Retrieve(L, i, Item) This returns the item at position i in the list L. This operation does not change L. Of course, i must again be in the range between 1 and Length(L). You always need to define one or more operations to get something “out of” an abstract data type. - ADD data (includes Create) - DELETE data - ASK for data This is the case for all ADTs. The C++ function call is: L.Retrieve(i, Item); In summary, we have operations that 7 8 Array Implementat...
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