Lecture 8

We need a way to keep track of how many elements

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Unformatted text preview: ion of List Even the array implementation is not just an array. We need a way to keep track of how many elements there are in the List. An integer variable would do, but if we have several Lists in one program (VERY POSSIBLE!) we need several such integers. THEREFORE... We packaged the integer together with the array as “private” data variables belonging to the instantiated object. 9 const int MAX_LIST = 100; typedef int ItemType; class listClass { public: // constructors, ADT operations private: ItemType Items[MAX_LIST]; int Size; } 10 Create(L) listClass::listClass( ) { Size = 0; // init size } 11 12 Destroy(L) Length(L) int listClass::Length( ) { return Size;...
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