Lecture 9

dereferencing ptr returns the value of the object

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Unformatted text preview: r. • * Dereferencing. *ptr returns the value of the object that ptr points to. 7 Address of Operator & 8 Dereferencing Operator * The address of operator “&” returns the address of an object. The Dereferencing Operator “*” returns the value of an object to which its operand points. Example: &joe returns the address of the variable joe and not the value of it. Example: ptr = &joe assigns the pointer ptr to point to the variable joe. Example: int object = 5; int *ptr; // pointer! ptr = &object; // ptr points to address of object cout << *ptr; // sends 5 to the screen 9 new POINTER INITIALIZATION int *ptr; int x = 5; 10 // declared ptr, value undefined. // declared variable. • A C++ operator that creates a new object of the type that this pointer can point to; • Returns a pointer to that new object. cout << x; // sends 5 to screen. cout << *ptr; // wrong! Pointer not initialized! ptr = &x; // ptr now points to the address of x. cout << *ptr; // right! sends 5 to screen. 11 12...
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