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I cannot go further down in row 3 i must backtrack 11

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Unformatted text preview: further down in row 3. I must backtrack! 11 12 Q Q Q QQ illegal Q Q Q QQ Q illegal Q illegal Q Q Q Q backtrack Q Q Q Q Q QQ illegal illegal illegal bkt/ill Q legal Now I start again in the second column. 13 QQ ill/end At this point I am at the end of the first column. I would have to backtrack again, but that’ impossible, s 14 so the problem is unsolvable . We will work out a successful example also: QQ++ ++++ ++++ ++++ Q+++ +Q++ ++++ ++++ Q+++ ++++ +Q++ ++++ Q+Q+ ++++ +Q++ ++++ Q+++ ++Q+ +Q++ ++++ Q+++ ++++ +QQ+ ++++ illegal illegal legal illegal illegal illegal Q+Q+ ++++ ++++ +Q++ Q+++ ++Q+ ++++ +Q++ Q+++ ++++ ++Q+ +Q++ Q+++ ++++ ++++ +QQ+ illegal illegal Q+++ ++++ +Q++ ++Q+ illegal Backtrack to column 2. Then backtrack to column 1. Then go down in column...
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