Lecture 14

Q q q q 7 a dvance to the next column first row and do

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Unformatted text preview: Q Q Q Q 7 A • dvance to the next column, first row, and do the same thing. I •f you cannot find a permissible situation in one column and reach the bottom of it, then you have to go back to the previous column and move one position down there. (This is the backtracking step.) 8 I •f you reach a permissible situation in the last column of the board, then the problem is solved. I •f you have to backtrack BEFORE the first column, then the problem is not solvable. 9 10 A slow example: QQ Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ Q illegal illegal legal illegal illegal illegal However, I cannot go further down in column 2 either. I must backtrack one more step. I cannot go...
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