Lecture 14

T given is a chess board a chess board has 8x8 fields

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Unformatted text preview: other. t Given is a chess board. A chess board has 8x8 fields. Is it possible to place 8 queens on this board, so that no two queens can attack each other? Q 3 4 The n Queens problem: Example: 2 Queens problem is not solvable. Given is a board of n b y n squares. Is it possible to place n queens (that behave exactly like chess queens) on this board, without having any one of them attack any other queen? QQ QQ 5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 6 Example 2: The 4-queens problem is solvable: Basic idea of solution: S • tart with one queen in the first column, first row. S • tart with another queen in the second column, first row. • o down with the second queen until you G reach a permissible situation....
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