American academy for cerebral palsy and developmental

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Unformatted text preview: sy is a condition caused by damage to the brain which is characterized by an inability to control motor function. ❚ American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine ❙ ❚ United Cerebral Palsy ❙ http://www.ucpa.org/ http://www.ucpa.org/ Child with Cerebral Palsy using a speech / communications device. Picture taken from http://www.prentrom.com/products.html CIS 350 Lecture 7 9 Example: Insulin Delivery ❚ Juvenile Diabetes Foundation ❙ http://www.jdfcure.org/ind http://www.jdfcure.org/ind ex.html ❚ The Family’s guide to Diabetes ❙ http://diabetes.cbyc.com/ http://diabetes.cbyc.com/ Minimed’s External Insulin Pump See the MiniMed 2001 Implantable Insulin Pump at http://www.minimed.com/files/mmn071.htm CIS 350 Lecture 7 © Roxanne Hiltz and Eli Rohn 10 5 Spring 2000 - Lecture 7 Prevention, Control, Comfort ❚ A lateral turning mattress designed for the treatment of Stage I through Stage IV pressure ulcers ❚ The Turn-Q LTM rotates the patient up to 30 bilaterally. It utilizes an air mattress nearly identical to the Turn-Q Plus and has a power unit control featuring 30, 60 and 90minute left-to-right turns. http://www.invacare.com CIS 350 Lecture 7 11 Body Imaging ❚ CAT scanners: Computer Assisted Tomography) omography) ❚ X-ray pictures of plane sections of solid objects ❚ Cost - $1 million Companies on the ‘net http://www.eliav.com/ http://www.eliav.com/ http://www.elscint.co.il/ http://www.elscint.co.il/ http://www.digiray.com/medical/ http://www.digiray.com/medical/ http://www.accsys.com/ http://www.accsys.com/ http://www.bih.harvard.edu/radiology/Modalities/Ultra/ultrasound.html http://www.bih.harvard. edu/radiology/Modalities/Ultra/ultrasound.html CIS 350 Lecture 7 © Roxanne Hiltz and Eli Rohn 12 6 Spring 2000 - Lecture 7 CAT Scanners: Issues ❚ Increased medical costs ❚ In the USA, availability depends on patient’s ability to pay. In many European countries, the government will not foot the bill. ❚ In the USA, draws practitioners and money to it. In managed care, it is not as bad. ❚ Weakens small hospitals ❚ Draws emphasis away from prevention CIS 350 Lecture 7 13 Newer Technologies...
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