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Atoms Quiz 2 - 90(add atomic number to number of neutrons(1...

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CHEM 120 Atoms and Elements Practice Quiz 2 Name _____________________________________ (1pt) 1. What are the correct symbols for a) chlorine Cl b) iron Fe (1pt) 2. What are the correct names of the elements with the symbols a) Na sodium b) Ca calcium (1pt) 3. The name of the element in Period 3 and Group 4 is Silicon (1pt) 4. What is the name of the group (family) that includes the elements magnesium, calcium, and barium? Alkaline earth metals (1pt) 5. The nucleus of an atom contains a) protons only b) electrons only c) neutrons only d) protons and neutrons ( 1pt) 6. What is the mass number of an atom of tin that has 70 neutrons?
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Unformatted text preview: 90 (add atomic number to number of neutrons) (1 pt) 7. Write a symbol for the isotope of a nitrogen atom with 8 neutrons. 7 N 15 (1pt) 8. What is the electron arrangement of potassium? 2,8,8,1 (1pt) 9. Describe the trend in ionization energy and atomic size across a period and across a group. Across a period ionization energy increases and down a group ionization energy decreases Across a period Atomic radius decreases and down a group Atomic radius increases (1 pt) 10. Classify each of the following as a pure substance or a mixture. a) sugar pure b) coffee with milk and sugar mixture...
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