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Unformatted text preview: rs in table of keywords (good applica:on of perfect hashing–i.e., given knowledge of keys ahead of :me, can ensure no collisions.) –  Machine- generated scanner: generate DFA with appropriate transi:ons to recognize keywords (> priority than IDs). Winter 2013 UW CSE 401 (Michael Ringenburg) 28 14 1/14/13 Backtracking CSE341: Programming CSE341: Programming is not necessary in our •  As we saw, backtracking Languages Languages DFA. Lecture 1 Lecture 1 Course Course –  More efficient Mechanics Mechanics ML Variable Bindings ML Variable Bindings •  In many cases, token syntax can be chosen (and DFA constructed carefully) such that backtracking Dan Grossman Dan Grossman Fall 2011 is rare (or can bFalla2011 e voided en:rely). •  Easier to ensure this happens in a hand- wriwen scanner –  Part of why well- wri3en hand- wriwen scanners are the most efficient. Winter 2013 UW CSE 401 (Michael Ringenburg)...
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