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Unformatted text preview: ample CSE341: Programming CSE341: Programming Languages Languages // global state and methods! ! Lecture 1 // next Lecture 1 unprocessed input character! Course static char Mechanics Mechanics Course nextch; !! ! ML Variable Bindings //ML Variable next input char! advance to Bindings void getch() { … }! Dan Grossman ! Dan Grossman F comments! // skip whitespace and all 2011 Fall 2011 void skipWhitespace() { … }! ! // input is a letter, digit, or _! boolean isIDChar(char c);! ! Winter 2013 UW CSE 401 (Michael Ringenburg) 31 Scanner getToken() method CSE341: Programming // CSE341: Programming Languages input token! Called by parser to retrieve the next Languages public Token getToken() {! Lecture 1 Token result;! Lecture 1 ! Course Mechanics Course skipWhiteSpace();!Mechanics ML Variable Bindings ! ML Variable Bindings if (/*no more input*/) {! result = new Token(Token.EOF); return result;! Dan Grossman }! Dan Grossman ! Fall 2011 switch(nextch) {Fall 2011 ! case '(': result = new To...
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