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Unformatted text preview: s Mechanics dynamically select tML Variable Bindings method he correct visit ML Variable Bindings based on the runVme type of node? Dan Grossman D Grossman •  Because Java an all 2011 and many other OO (F C++, Fall 2011 and languages) use single dispatch. –  In other words, dynamic dispatch in Java is based on the run- Vme type of a single object, namely the receiver, i.e, x in x.foo(y, z)! Winter 2013 UW CSE 401 (Michael Ringenburg) 3 Two Code Samples classCSE341: Programming class WhileNd extends StmtNd { WhileNd extendsCSE341: Programming Languages StmtNd { Languages ExpNd cond; ExpNd cond; } oid accept(Visitor v) {v.visit(this);} Lecture 1 vLecture 1 } Course Mechanics Course Mechanics visit(WhileNd w) { void visit(WhileNd w) { void ML Variable Bindings M visit(w.cond); L Variable Bindings w.cond.accept(this); } } Dan Grossman Dan Grossman Fall 2011 •  Selects visit based on •  Selects accept based on...
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