Winter 2013 uw cse 401 michael ringenburg a 13 project

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Unformatted text preview: nburg) A-11 Requirements & Grading CSE341: Programming CSE341: Programming Languages Languages •  Primary goal of this course is to write your own Lecture 1 compiler (in teams of 1wo). Grading reflects this. Lecture t Course •  Roughly Course Mechanics Mechanics ML Variable Bindings ML Variable Bindings –  55% project –  15% individual wriken homeworks (probably 3, so 5% Dan Grossman Dan Grossman Fall 2011 each) Fall 2011 –  10% midterm exam (February 15?) –  15% final exam (Thursday, March 21, 8:30am L༄, here) –  5% other (be a good course ci7zen) We reserve the right to adjust as needed Winter 2013 UW CSE 401 (Michael Ringenburg) A-12 CSE 401 Course Project CSE341: Programming CSE341: Programming Languages Languages •  Best way to learn about compilers is to build one yourself! Lecture 1 Lecture 1 –  You’ll also learn how...
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