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Unformatted text preview: bit) double precision (64-­‐bit) Default rounding mode is round-­‐to-­‐even #include <math.h> to get INFINITY and NAN constants Equality (==) comparisons between floa-ng point numbers are tricky, and oBen return unexpected results §  Just avoid them! §  Subs=tute things like: (abs(x-­‐y) / max(abs(x),abs(y))) < epsilon §  §  Not guaranteed – depends on what you’re doing, the data, etc. When in doubt, find a trained Numerical Analyst or use a carefully-­‐ wri[en library Floa-ng Point in C University of Washington Floa-ng Point in C ¢  Conversions between data types: §  Cas=ng between int, float, and double changes the bit representa=on!! §  int → float §  May be rounded; overflow not possible §  int → double or float → double §  Exact conversion, as long as int has ≤ 53-­‐bit word size §  double or float → int §  Truncates frac=onal part (rounded toward zero) §  Not defined when out of range or NaN: generally sets to Tmin Floa-ng Point in C University of Washington Summary ¢  Zero 0 00000000 0000000000000000000000 ¢  Normalized values s ¢  1 to 2k-...
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