special cases can use any combinamon of d rb ri and s

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Unformatted text preview: for accessing memory in mov (and other) instrucMons can be computed in several different ways Most General Form: D(Rb,Ri,S)   Mem[Reg[Rb] + S*Reg[Ri] + D]   D: Constant “displacement” 1, 2, or 4 bytes   Rb: Base register: Any of the 8/16 integer registers   Ri: Index register: Any, except for %esp or %rsp   Unlikely you’d use %ebp, either   S: Scale: 1, 2, 4, or 8 (why these numbers?) Special Cases: can use any combinaMon of D, Rb, Ri and S (Rb,Ri) Mem[Reg[Rb]+Reg[Ri]] D(Rb,Ri) Mem[Reg[Rb]+Reg[Ri]+D] (Rb,Ri,S) Mem[Reg[Rb]+S*Reg[Ri]]   x86 University of Washington Address ComputaMon Examples %edx 0xf000 %ecx 0x100 (Rb,Ri) D(,Ri,S) (Rb,Ri,S) D(Rb) Mem[Reg[Rb]+Reg[Ri]] Mem[S*Reg[Ri]+D] Mem[Reg[Rb]+S*Reg[Ri]] Mem[Reg[Rb] +D] Expression Address ComputaMon Address 0x8(%edx) 0xf000 + 0x8 0xf008 (%edx,%ecx) 0xf000 + 0x100 0xf100 (%edx,%ecx,4) 0xf000 + 4*0x100 0xf400 0x80(,%edx,2) 2*0xf000 + 0x80 0x1e080 x86 University of Washington Address ComputaMon InstrucMon   leal Src,Dest   Src is address mode expression   Set Dest to address computed by expression (lea stands for load effec7ve address)   Example: leal (%edx,%ecx,4), %eax     Uses   CompuIng addresses without a memory reference   E.g., translaIon of p = &x[i];   CompuIng arithmeIc expressions of the form x + k*i   k = 1, 2, 4, or 8 x86 University of Washington Some ArithmeMc OperaMons   Two Operand (Binary) InstrucMons: Format Computa<on addl Src,Dest Dest = Dest + Src subl Src,Dest Dest = Dest - Src imull Src,Dest Dest = Dest * Src sall Src,Dest Dest = Dest << Src Also called shll sarl Src,Dest Dest = Dest >> Src Arithme<c shrl Src,Dest Dest = Dest >> Src Logical xorl Src,Dest Dest = Dest ^ Src andl Src,Dest Dest = Dest & Src Src,Dest Dest = Dest | Src orl Watch out for argument order! (especially subl)   No disMncMon between signed and unsigned int (why?)   x86 University of Washington Some ArithmeMc OperaMons   One Operand (Unary) InstrucMons incl Dest Dest = Dest + 1 decl Dest Dest = Dest - 1 negl Dest Dest = -Dest notl Dest Dest = ~Dest See textbook secMon...
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