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kernel threads cpu kernel thread create destroy

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Unformatted text preview: ontrol Block –  stack pointer, program counter, register values   sMck it on the ready queue   We call these kernel threads   There is a “thread name space”   Thread id’s (TID’s)   TID’s are integers (surprise!)   25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 29 University of Washington Kernel threads Mach, NT, Chorus, Linux, … address space os kernel thread CPU (thread create, destroy, signal, wait, etc.) 25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 30 University of Washington Kernel threads   OS now manages threads and processes / address spaces   all thread operaMons are implemented in the kernel   OS schedules all of the threads in a system       if one thread in a process blocks (e.g., on I/O), the OS knows about it, and can run other threads from that process possible to overlap I/O and computaMon inside a process Kernel threads are cheaper than processes   less state to allocate and iniMalize   But, they’re sFll prely expensive for fine ­grained use   orders of magnitude more expensive than a procedure call   thread operaMons are all system calls context switch   argument checks   must maintain kernel state for each thread   25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 31 University of Washington “Where do threads come from, Mommy?”...
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