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In each of these examples of concurrency web server

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Unformatted text preview: o use mulFple processes   The programs (code) of disMnct processes are isolated from each other   Threads are another way to get concurrency and parallelism   Threads “share a process” – same address space, same OS resources   Threads have private stack, CPU state – are schedulable   25 May 2012 Reference: CS:APP (textbook) sec. 12.1, 12.3 Processes & Threads 17 University of Washington Concurrency/Parallelism   Imagine a web server, which might like to handle mulFple requests concurrently   While waiMng for the credit card server to approve a purchase for one client, it could be retrieving the data requested by another client from disk, and assembling the response for a third client from cached informaMon   Imagine a web client (browser), which might like to iniFate mulFple requests concurrently   The CSE home page has doze...
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