May 2012 reference csapp textbook sec 121 123

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Unformatted text preview: least):   An address space, containing the code (instrucMons) for the running program the data for the running program   Thread state, consisMng of   The program counter (PC), indicaMng the next instrucMon   The stack pointer register (implying the stack it points to)   Other general purpose register values   A set of OS resources   open files, network connecMons, sound channels, …         That’s a lot of concepts bundled together! Decompose …   address space   thread of control (stack, stack pointer, program counter, registers)   OS resources 25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 16 University of Washington The Big Picture   Threads are about concurrency and parallelism   Parallelism: physically simultaneous operaMons for performance   Concurrency: logically (and possibly physically) simultaneous operaMons for convenience/simplicity   One way to get concurrency and parallelism is t...
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