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Washington where do threads come from mommy 2 there

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Unformatted text preview: 25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 27 University of Washington Terminology   Just a note that there’s the potenFal for some confusion …   Old world: “process” == “address space + OS resources + single thread”   New world: “process” typically refers to an address space + system resources + all of its threads …   When we mean the “address space” we need to be explicit   “thread” refers to a single thread of control within a process / address space   A bit like “kernel” and “operaFng system” …   Old world: “kernel” == “operaMng system” and runs in “kernel mode”   New world: “kernel” typically refers to the microkernel; lots of the operaMng system runs in user mode 25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 28 University of Washington “Where do threads come from, Mommy?”   Natural answer: the OS is responsible for creaFng/managing threads   For example, the kernel call to create a new thread would allocate an execuMon stack within the process address space   create and iniMalize a Thread C...
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