Required this is all done by assembly language it

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Unformatted text preview: (2)     There is an alternaFve to kernel threads Threads can also be managed at the user level (that is, enFrely from within the process)   a library linked into the program manages the threads because threads share the same address space, the thread manager doesn’t need to manipulate address spaces (which only the kernel can do)   threads differ (roughly) only in hardware contexts (PC, SP, registers), which can be manipulated by user ­level code   the thread package mulMplexes user ­level threads on top of kernel thread(s)   each kernel thread is treated as a “virtual processor”   we call these user ­level threads   25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 32 University of Washington User-level threads user-level thread library (thread create, destroy, signal, wait, etc.) address space os kernel thread CPU 33 25 May 2012 Processes & Threads 33...
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