Process execukons interleaved mulk tasking last seckon

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Unformatted text preview:   How are these illusions maintained? §  Process execuKons interleaved (mulK-­‐tasking) – last secKon §  Address spaces managed by virtual memory system – this secKon! Virtual Memory Overview University of Washington Virtual Memory (Previous Lectures) ¢  Programs refer to virtual memory addresses §  §  §  §  ¢  FF·∙·∙·∙·∙·∙·∙F movl (%ecx),%eax! Conceptually memory is just a very large array of bytes Each byte has its own address System provides address space private to parKcular “process” AllocaMon: Compiler and run-­‐Mme system §  Where different program objects should be stored §  All allocaKon within single virtual address space ¢  What problems does virtual memory solve? 00·∙·∙·∙·∙·∙·∙0 Virtual Memory Overview University of Washington Problem 1: How Does Everything Fit? 64-­‐bit addresses: 16 Exabyte Physical main memory: Few Gigabytes ? And there are many processes …. Virtual Memory Overview Uni...
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