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why is it called at 31 may 2012 files are created

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Unformatted text preview: o control who can access a file (user)   to control how they can access it (e.g., read, write, or exec)   More generally:   generalize files to objects (the “what”)   generalize users to principals (the “who”, user or program)   generalize read/write to acKons (the “how”, or operaKons)   A protec<on system dictates whether a given ac<on performed by a given principal on a given object should be allowed   e.g., you can read or write your files, but others cannot   e.g., your can read /etc/motd but you cannot write to it 31 May 2012 Disks and File Systems 33 University of Washington The original Unix file system         Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, Bell Labs, 1969 “UNIX rose from the ashes of a mul< ­organiza<onal effort in the early 1960s to develop a dependable <mesharing opera<ng system” – Mul<cs Designed for a “workgroup” sharing a single system Did its job exceedingly well   Although it has been stretched in many direcKons and made ugly in the process   31 May 2012 A wonderful study in engineering tradeoffs Disks and File Systems 34 University of Washington (Old) Unix disks are divided into five parts …   Boot block   can boot the system by loading from this...
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