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Unformatted text preview: cial file” (typically an I/O device) Size: length of file in bytes Block list: locates contents of file (in the file contents area)   more on this soon!   31 May 2012 Link count: number of directories referencing this i ­node Disks and File Systems 37 University of Washington The flat (i ­node) file system   Each file is known by a number, which is the number of the i ­ node   seriously – 1, 2, 3, etc.!   why is it called “flat”?   31 May 2012 Files are created empty, and grow when extended through writes Disks and File Systems 38 University of Washington The tree (directory, hierarchical) file system     A directory is a flat file of fixed ­size entries Each entry consists of an i ­node number and a file name i-node number File name 152 . 18 .. 216 my_file 4 another_file 93 oh_my_god 144 a_directory •  It’s as simple as that! 31 May 2012 Disks and File Systems 39 University of Washington The “block list” por<on of the i ­node (Unix Version 7)       Points to blocks in the file contents area Must be able to represent very small and very large files. How? Each inode contains 13 block pointers   first 10 are...
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