Holds processes that have been swapped out of memory

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Unformatted text preview: 2012 Disks and File Systems 31 University of Washington Path name transla<on   Let’s say you want to open “/one/two/three” fd = open(“/one/two/three”, O_RDWR);   What goes on inside the file system?               open directory “/” (well known, can always find) search the directory for “one”, get locaKon of “one” open directory “one”, search for “two”, get locaKon of “two” open directory “two”, search for “three”, get loc. of “three” open file “three” (of course, permissions are checked at each step) FS spends lots of <me walking down directory paths   this is why open is separate from read/write (session state)   OS will cache prefix lookups to enhance performance   31 May 2012 /a/b, /a/bb, /a/bbb all share the “/a” prefix Disks and File Systems 32 University of Washington File protec<on   FS must implement some kind of protec<on system   t...
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