Steps seek moving the disk arm to the correct

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Unformatted text preview: ccess to different clients   physical disk block (surface, cylinder, sector)   disk logical block (disk block #)   file logical (filename, block or record or byte #) 31 May 2012 Disks and File Systems 10 University of Washington Physical disk structure   Disk components               plabers surfaces tracks sectors cylinders arm heads track sector surface cylinder platter arm head 31 May 2012 Disks and File Systems 11 University of Washington Disk performance   Performance depends on a number of steps   seek: moving the disk arm to the correct cylinder depends on how fast disk arm can move –  seek Kmes aren’t diminishing very quickly (why?)   rotaKon (latency): waiKng for the sector to rotate under head   depends on rotaKon rate of disk –  rates are increasing, but slowly (why?)   transfer: transferring data from surface into disk controller, and from there sendi...
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