Solution is to insert intervening registers that keep

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Unformatted text preview: t keep signals stable registers require enable signals which now need ports as well µ C device A µ C device B Q EN D EN device A 7 Encode n single-bit device ports using log n bits of a controller port Conflict on device signals (e.g., one signal affects both) D $ enabled decoder: one-hot, input-only device ports registered decoder: input-only (but not one-hot) device ports multiplexor: output-only device ports µC log(n) bits D µC n one-hot signals enable Q device B log(n) bits enable Q EN n register select lines n signals registered decoder enabled decoder data n signals µC log(n) select bits multiplexor 4 8 % . 0 8 % . 0 Partition the address space Assign memory-mapped locations Software Address bus selects device Data bus contains data loads read from the device stores write to the device Can exploit unused bits for device input-only ports # 7 $ $ Problem of port shortage so common port expansion chips exist Easily connect to the microprocessor Timing on ports may be slightly different May not support interrupts & Exploit specialized functions (e.g., UART, timers) Attempt to connect directly to a device port without adding inte...
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