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Only if someone volunteers csep 524 parallel

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Unformatted text preview: Qs on assignments •  check for duplicates first (proposed convenBon: “HWx, Qy: subject”) •  don’t give away more than necessary about the answer –  cse524- staff@cs is for personal quesBons/issues –  cse524a_wi13 is for us to mail you •  Videotaping lectures? Only if someone volunteers… CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaBon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 4 Nuts and Bolts: Office Hours •  Happy Office Hour is on! –  6 of us last week •  Brandon’s Office Hour: –  Thursday @ 1:30- 2:30 (live and online) CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaBon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 5 Nuts and Bolts: Homework Schedule •  Homewor...
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