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Colsperchunk change helper to take a domain proc

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Unformatted text preview: cache use •  A bit fine- grained •  Not ideal for distributed memory CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaIon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 78 Smith- Waterman Naïve Data- Driven Task- Parallel Approach: proc computeH(H: [0..n, 0..n] int) { Create domain describing const ProbSpace = H.domain.translate(1,1); shieed version off H’s domain var NeighborsDone: [ProbSpace] atomic int = 0; Arrays to count how many of our var Ready$: [ProbSpace] sync int; 3 neighbors are done; and to NeighborsDone[1, ..].add(1); signal when we can compute NeighborsDone[.., 1].add(1); NeighborsDone[1, 1].add(1); Set up boundaries: north and west elements Ready$[1,1] = 1; have a neighbor done; top- lee is ready coforall (i,j) in ProbSpace { Create a task per matrix element const goNow = Ready$[i,j]; H[i,j] = f(H[i-1,j-1], H[i-1,j], H[i,j-1]); and have it block unIl ready const eastReady = NeighborsDone[i,j+1].fetchAdd(1); Compute our element const seReady = NeighborsDone[i+1,j+1].fetchAdd(1); Increment our const southReady = NeighborsDone[i+1,j].fetchAdd(1); neighbors’ counts if (eastReady == 2) then Ready$[i,j+1] = 1; if (seReady == 2) then Ready$[i+1,j+1] = 1; Signal our neighbors as if (southRea...
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