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Unformatted text preview: ed performance CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaIon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 13 Beyond MPI- 1 MPI- 2 (1990’s): –  support for coordinated parallel I/O –  (poor support for) single- sided communicaIon* –  dynamic process creaIon (“add a new MPI rank now”) MPI- 3 (circa 2012): –  bemer support for single- sided communicaIon –  bemer support for mulIthreading within MPI –  acIve messages*, ** –  bemer support for GPUs/accelerators** –  bemer compiler support for MPI** * = we’ll be defining this term next week; ** = a work- in- progress? CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaIon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 14 The Stencil Ramp: (a series of increasingly complex Stencil- based algorithms) Stencils we have known Stencils we have known (and loved!): –  The 3- point stencil A: –  The Jacobi iteraIon n 1.0 –  The 9- point stencil from homework Some more advanced uses of stencils –  The MulIgrid method (MG) –  The Fast MulIpole Method (FMM) CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaIon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 16 A Distributed Memory Algorithm: The Mul3grid Method (as told through the NAS MG benchmark) NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB) •...
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