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Unformatted text preview: within the allobed Eme –  foundaEons –  best pracEces –  recent trends •  Teach you principles of parallel programming •  Give you pracEcal parallel programming experience –  using adopted programming models •  Pthreads, OpenMP, MPI, UPC –  using Chapel as an idealized parallel language CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaEon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 32 Course Content Backbone: follow a progression of architectures and programming models from shared memory to distributed memory Along the way: cover common parallel algorithms/ paberns, hazards, grab- bag topics, … CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaEon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 33 Class Sessions •  During the quarter, I hope to use a mix of: –  mini- lectures –  discussion –  interacEve programming –  Q&A –  guest speakers –  inspiraEonal music?, jokes?, …? …to break up the 3- hour Emeslot. •  You can help prevent things from dragging by asking quesEons, parEcipaEng in discussion, etc. CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaEon Winter 2013: Chamberlain 34 Your Work Assignments: –  format: A mix of readings, programming problems, and thinking/wriEng quesEons –  rate: Due every 1- 2 weeks –  late policy: Twice during the quarter, you may turn in an assignment late (intended for use with work/family emergencies) End- of- term project: –  learn about and report on some technology we didn’t cover –  or possibly an independent programming project •  challenge: picking a scope that’s neither too hard nor too easy CSEP 524: Parallel ComputaEon Winter 2013: Chamberlai...
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