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Unformatted text preview: from the customer d announcements provider provider traffic customer d customer Mul9- Homing: Two or More Providers •  Mo9va9ons for mul9- homing –  Extra reliability, survive single ISP failure –  Financial leverage through compe99on –  Beler performance by selec9ng beler path –  Gaming the 95th- percen9le billing model Provider 1 Provider 2 30 10/29/13 Peer- Peer Rela9onship •  Peers exchange traffic between customers –  AS exports only customer routes to a peer –  AS exports a peer’s routes only to its customers –  Oien the rela9onship is sellement- free (i.e., no $$$) Traffic to/from the peer and its customers announcements peer traffic peer d AS Structure: Tier- 1 Providers •  Tier- 1 provider –  Has no upstream provider of its own –  Typically has a na9onal or interna9onal backbone •  Top of the Internet hierarchy of ~10 ASes –  AOL, AT&T, Global Crossing, Level3, UUNET, NTT, Qwest, SAVVIS (formerly Cable & Wireless), and Sprint –  Full peer- peer connec9ons between 9er- 1 providers 31 10/29/13 AS Structure: Other ASes •  Other providers –  Provide transit service to downstream customers –  … but, need at least one provider of their own –  Typically have na9onal or regional scope –  Includes several thousand ASes •  Stub ASes –  Do not provide transit service to others –  Connect to one or more upstream providers –  Includes vast majority (e.g., 85- 90%) of the ASes Border Gateway Protocol 32 10/29/13 Border Gateway Protocol •  Prefix- based p...
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