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Unformatted text preview: s table C’s Table E’s Table 5 H3 1 Circuit #2 5 F 18 9 10/23/13 Virtual Circuits (4) •  Each router has a forwarding table keyed by circuit –  Gives output line and next label to place on packet H1 Circuit #1 1 5 1 1 F 2 F A’s table C’s Table E’s Table 5 H3 1 Circuit #2 5 2 2 19 MPLS (Mul8- Protocol Label Switching, §5.6.5) •  A virtual- circuit like technology widely used by ISPs –  ISP sets up circuits inside their backbone ahead of 8me –  ISP adds MPLS label to IP packet at ingress, undoes at egress 20 10 10/23/13 Datagrams vs Virtual Circuits •  Complementary strengths Issue Datagrams Virtual Circuits Setup phase Not needed Required Router state Per des8na8on Per connec8on Addresses Packet carries full address Packet carries short label Rou8ng Per packet Per circuit Failures Easier to mask Difficult to mask Quality of service Difficult to add Easier to add 21 Introduc8on to Computer Networks Internetworking (§5.5, 5.6.1) Computer Science & Engineering 11 10/23/13 Topic •  How do we connect different networks together? –  This is called internetworking –  We’ll look at how IP does it Hi there! Hi yourself 23 How Networks May Differ •  Basically, in a lot of ways: –  –  –  –  –  Service model (datagrams, VCs) Addressing (what kind) QOS (priori8es, no priori8es) Packet...
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