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G tcp segment 31 ipv4 4 other elds to meet other needs

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Unformatted text preview: sizes Security (whether encrypted) •  Internetworking hides the differences with a common protocol. (Uh oh.) 24 12 10/23/13 Connec8ng Datagram and VC networks •  An example to show that it’s not so easy –  Need to map des8na8on address to a VC and vice- versa –  A bit of a “road bump”, e.g., might have to set up a VC Bump! Bump! 25 Internetworking – Cerf and Kahn •  Pioneered by Cerf and Kahn, the “fathers of the Internet” Vint Cerf Bob Kahn © 2009 IEEE © 2009 IEEE –  In 1974, later led to TCP/IP •  Tackled the problems of interconnec8ng networks –  Instead of manda8ng a single network technology 26 13 10/23/13 Internet Reference Model •  IP is the “narrow waist” of the Internet –  Supports many different links below and apps above 4. Applica8on 3. Transport 2. Internet 1. Link SMTP HTTP RTP DNS TCP UDP IP Ethernet 3G Cable DSL 802.11 27 IP as a Lowest Common Denominator •  Suppose only some networks support QOS or security etc. –  Difficult for internetwork to support •  Pushes IP to be a “lowest common denominator” protocol –  Asks ligle of lower- layer networks –  Gives ligle as a higher layer service 28 14 10/23/13 IPv4 (Internet Protocol) •  Various fields to meet straighvorward needs –  Version, Header (IHL) and Total length, Protocol, and Header Checksum Payload (e.g., TCP segment) 29 IPv4 (2) •  Network layer of the Internet, uses datagrams –  Provides a layer of addressing above link addresses (next) Payload (e.g...
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